NSFA students are cautioned against sharing personal information.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has issued a warning to students not to give out their personal information to strangers if they have any doubts about it. This is because con artists are trying to get their hands on this data in order to deceive people.

NSFA students are cautioned against sharing personal information.

Students are advised not to give out personal information, especially Time Pins (OTPs), to unauthorized individuals, according to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas). This comes after multiple social media profiles posing as Nsfas have been asking students for personal information.

Numerous students are seeking financing as the Nsfas 2024 application season is now open. For clarification on areas of doubt, many of these students may need further information from Nsfas.

Students are warned that many people are attempting to take advantage of their needs and may try to swindle them.

The Nsfas cautions students against divulging private information to social networking sites. Students have previously fallen for scams involving bogus social media profiles that seemed to be the financial aid program.

Aspirants should be on the lookout for phony online pages masquerading as Nsfas since they can be attempts by criminals to obtain your personal information.
These people have asked students to give them personal information, including information that they would have to prove when they applied to Nsfas. Students are also required to give an OTP that was provided to their mobile.

You should never divulge your OTPs or sensitive information to anyone.

An alleged scammer will have access to students’ Nsfas accounts as soon as they give them their OTP. You can alter your login information, including your password, using OTPs to get access to your Nsfas account.

Students were encouraged by Nsfas to follow their official social media profiles for up-to-date news. Additionally, it will protect them from falling for con artists.

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