Here Are The Latest Changes To NSFAS Requirements

To be eligible for funding, NSFAS has changed a number of its conditions. What students will be impacted by the most recent requirements adjustments are listed below.

Here Are The Latest Changes To NSFAS Requirements

A list of updated bursary requirements, including adjustments to the financial and academic qualifying standards, has been published by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). NSFAS-funded university students are impacted by these developments.

University students who first applied for support before 2018 are affected by the revised financial eligibility standards. All students who initially applied for support before 2018 will be subject to a combined household income criterion of R350 000 beginning with the 2024 academic year.

Students are reminded that they would not automatically be eligible for financing for the 2024 academic year if they were denied funding for the 2024 academic year because their combined family income was greater than R122 000 but lower than R350 000. These students will have to submit new grant requests.

To continue receiving financing from NSFAS, all continuing university students (not first-time admission students) must continue to achieve the ongoing academic eligibility requirements. All students who enrolled at a university in 2018 or later are now subject to this requirement.

Those who did not enroll for the first time in 2024 must complete the number of courses shown in the course pass rate table. Effective for the 2024–2024 school year

If a student fails the required amount of courses, they will no longer be eligible for support. However, the ruling may be challenged by these pupils.

The appeal should adhere to the NSFAS appeal criteria. The outcome of the appeal will be communicated to the student through email via their myNSFAS site.

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