SANTS Application 2024 | Open From April to November

Online applications are currently being accepted at the University of Johannesburg for the class of 2024. The University of Johannesburg’s online application process is available to all prospective students.


As a result, the University of Johannesburg recommends prospective students to start their online applications as soon as they can for the 2024 academic year.

What Is the University of Johannesburg’s Online Application Process?

How to apply for admission to the University of Johannesburg in 2024 is the answer, which is given below.

Who Will Need to Apply for The Sants in 2024?

An application for admission must be submitted by everyone who wishes to start a new short learning program. This includes those who are applying to the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution for the first time, people who are moving to a different degree, and people who have applied before but were turned down.

  • You must be familiar with the course you are applying for.
  •  You need to be aware of the cost of the tuition.
  • Prior to applying, you must be aware of the admission requirements and qualifications.
  • That you obtain the required minimum academic point score (APS)
  •  That you have a working phone number and a valid email address.
  • You upload all essential paperwork and make the required payments.
  • Check to see if your application was accepted.

Verify Your Documents & Make Sure You’re Prepared to Apply

  • I’M Certain…

that my email address and phone number are current, and I consent to the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution contacting me at these addresses and numbers throughout the application process. Please make sure that you only submit one email address and one cellphone number when submitting your application.

The Documents Below Have Been Scanned and Uploaded to A Device.

When beginning a new qualification, all candidates are expected to upload all of the necessary files, which often include the following:

a copy of your school transcript, such as your senior certificate.
Internet copies of your official tertiary academic records (if relevant) will not be accepted.
RSA students must submit a copy of their ID; international students must submit an ID or passport.
a replica of your divorce decree (if applicable) or marriage certificate (if applicable).
If a document is not in English or Afrikaans, a sworn translation must be provided.

The SANTS Private Higher Education Institution retains the right to request original papers at any time and/or to check the accuracy of any supplied documents. According to the Student Disciplinary Code, it is illegal to submit false documentation.

I Am Certain that My Documents Have Been Scanned in accordance with The Law.

When completing the online application procedure, pay close attention to the instructions.

Uploading the entire set of documents in one file is not permitted; only the necessary files should be uploaded

The maximum size of a file is 2MB (2048KB).
You can only submit documents in black and white.
There are only a few file kinds that can be used: DOC (Word document file), PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format), or TIF (image file)
How to Submit an Online Application for the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution in 2024

It is quite easy to apply to the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution Online Application 2024; simply follow the instructions below.

Just follow the steps below

1. Apply Online

You can submit an online application by visiting the application portal via-

Step 2: Upload any necessary documents

Each applicant must submit the necessary paperwork. The application deadline is also the deadline for uploading the necessary files. No documents will be accepted that are provided after the application deadline.

Electronic devices such as scanners are not made available by the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution. Before beginning the application procedure, please make sure that your documents are scanned and transferred to an electronic device.

Step 3: Check to see if your application is finished.

You will need to reapply during the following application period if your application for admission to study via the SANTS Private Higher Education Institution is insufficient.

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