Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam Results 2024 is Out –

The results of Ethiopia’s Grade 8 National Exam are now available at For the 2024 academic year, the Ethiopia Primary School Education Results have been made public.

Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam Results 2024: Ethiopia’s primary school curriculum is divided into two cycles, grades 1 through 4 and grades 5 through 8. If any pupils pass the Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam, they will have the opportunity to enroll in secondary schools, which are comprised of Grades 9 and 10. The grade 8 results on are not available online.

Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam Results 2024 have been announced by the management of Ethiopia’s primary school system. Follow the instructions below to check your results on the NEAEEA Portal if you took the exam.

The steps to check your 2024 Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam Results have been listed below by You can check your results online, take note. Greetings and best wishes.


  • The table displays historical statistics from the Grade 8 result report on In the results of the Ethiopian Grade 8 National Exam, the male pupils fare better than the female students.


  • The primary school certificate exam is taken regionally at the conclusion of eighth grade. With nearly equal percentages of boys and girls, the grade 8 score has increased from 43.6% to 52.8%. There were variations in grade 8 completion rates by region.


  • The national policy requiring people who do not pass the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination to repeat grade 8 before retaking the exam contributes in part to the higher repetition rate for grade 8.


  • The gender disparity for graduation rates in grade 5 is rather small when compared to grade 8. When compared to boys, the completion percentage of female pupils in grade 5 has fallen significantly. In the past two years, there has been a gradual rise in the grade 8 completion rate. Over the past five years, the gender gap has decreased.


  • The total number of students with special education needs in primary (grades 1-8) in 2003 E.C. (2010/11) is about 55,492, however, the number of pupils who are currently enrolled in schools is anticipated to exceed this figure.


  • This could be as a result of a postponed primary school graduation, as well as test, material, or financial impediments to transitioning from primary school in grade 8 to secondary school in grade 9.

Notably, the Grade 8 National Exam in Ethiopia is not a national exam like the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams. The exam for Grade 8 is solely based on Regional exams. Ethiopian Grade 8 results have never been posted online.

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