Arellano University Entrance Exam 2024

The 2024 Online Entrance Examinations for Arellano University The first batch of regular and sandwich applicants for Arellano University’s online entrance exam in 2024 is scheduled as follows.

Arellano University Entrance Exam

The first group of regular and sandwich applicants for the academic year 2024 took the online admission exam that Arellano University successfully launched.

A reviewer for incoming freshmen students, the Arellano University Entrance Exam file.

Please keep in mind that this is not the exam you will really take before being admitted.

The Arellano University Entrance Examination features a unique structure and sets of questions. Depending on certain circumstances, they may or may not conduct entrance exams.

But by taking this mock admission exam, you can see how much you’ve retained from your secondary education.

Nevertheless, I advise you to visit the institution and speak with the admissions officer about the entrance exam’s specifics.

Student Practice Arellano University Entrance Exam Sample Questions

Take the free practice college entrance exam. In 10 to 15 minutes, finish it.
When you’ve finished the test, check your score in the top right corner of the page. Review your responses and any justifications.

For applicants to the distance session, the entrance exam is also scheduled for 2024

Arellano University Admission Requirements 2024

The Arellano University 2024 Admission Requirements Before applying, all applicants must review the requirements of Arellano University.

The following prerequisites, including the English language proficiency and portfolio requirements, must be met by applicants to Arellano University. Please be aware that admissions are selective and that achieving the prerequisites only serves as a minimum.

Arellano University’s minimum English 30-1 or English 30-2 scores of 60% or 65%, respectively, are required for admission. 3 additional Grade 12 courses with a minimum grade point average.

All applicants need to take notice of these admission requirements before submitting an application for admission, according to the management of Arellano University.

Before Applying, Confirm the Arellano University Admittance Requirements

Each and every applicant beginning a new qualification must upload the necessary files, which often include the following:

  • English 30-1
  • Four other eligible 30-level subjects
  • Of these four subjects, a maximum of one eligible 30-level Fine Arts course may be used.
  • Your admission average will automatically be calculated on the 5 highest grades that meet these requirements.
  • Some BDes routes have specific high school course requirements

2024 Arellano University Admission Requirements

The 2024 admission requirements for Arellano University are listed below. Before submitting an application, applicants are advised to read attentively.

Candidates must satisfy the Arellano University Admission Requirements before applying.

Arellano University’s Requirements for Freshmen Admission Are Here.

  1. ORIGINAL COPY OF Form 138 or High school report
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  3. Original Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  4. Letter of Application addressed to the registrar for Applicants not enrolled in college for one year
  5. Two (2) pieces 2×2 ID Picture
  6. Php 5,000 for down payment

Arellano University Freshmen Enrollment Procedure

  • Present the admissions office with the original credentials and UEE results
  • proceed to the chairperson of the relevant college or department for an interview and review
  • With the college’s or department’s permission, submit the original requirements to the admissions office
  • Please complete the Student Information Form
  • Deposit money at the cashier
  • Get your enrollment certificate
  • Go to the ID area to get your school ID
  • Visit the university store to purchase your outfit
  • Attend the planned freshmen orientation.

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