University of Johannesburg (UJ) Academic Calendar 2023/2024 

How to check the University of Johannesburg (UJ) academic calendar 2023/2024

Do you know how to check the University of Johannesburg’s academic (UJ) calendar??

University of Johannesburg (UJ) Academic Calendar

Sometimes students find it very difficult to know and understand their learning and school schedule and this has been a major and ongoing problem in the academic system of some universities, and we have decided to help solve this problem, as a student, you must be aware that the school calendar consists of whole school activities that will take place in the particular session (this consist of the start of an academic session till the end of it)

It is obvious that students sometimes don’t go through the school calendar because they feel it is not necessary but trust me it will only make things very difficult and deep for you because you will end up not knowing the activities of the school and their specific date scheduled for them to take place, on this notice we urge you to stay put and make sure you follow us closely so as to gain crucial and useful school update we provide for you, all other information like enrollment, orientation, Exams, Results release date, close date and etc.

The management of the UJ has released the official academic calendar session.

How to check the University of Johannesburg academic calendar 2023/2024

We have made it stress-free for you by providing two systems for you to look at the school calendar.

Go to the school notice board or

Visit the official school website……

You can as well download it to your device for reserve motive.

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