Student’s Portal: Definition, Features, Uses

Student's Portal: Definition, Features, Uses

As a beginner in college, you’ve probably come across the term “student’s portal” and wondered what it was. Indeed, almost every school, if not all, have an online provision known as their students portal. This platform performs certain functions which we shall discuss in this post.

What is Students Portal? 

A Student’s Portal is an online space on an educational body’s site that allows a student access to the institution’s programs. It opens up with a login page where they provide a username and password to log in for other processes. Hence, it is the interphase that relates the school with the students online. 

As a new student, this platform will come in very handy in helping you get information on what’s going on. Again, it gives you access to all the school offers, news, provisions, programs and shows you how to go around them. Furthermore, the latest technological integrations have now included provisions for tracking business transactions and even medical bills. 

Features of a Student’s Portal 

The students portal will usually consist of specific features that the institution’s customers (parents and students) will find helpful. The interphase must be smooth and user-friendly, and highly interactive. There should be specific account creation outlines for students, parents, and other bodies like agents. 

It will usually consist of online application portals and attractive offers for prospective students. These portals are also to have multiple payment gateways for easy transactions. In the background, it should be able to track and monitor every lead and activity of the student. 

Uses of a Student’s Portal 

Apart from being the school’s direct communication with the student, the student also benefits from this platform. It is the life wire of updates to the students, helping them easily keep up with programs and assignments. Furthermore, it secures the student’s information, giving them the power to protect their biodata. 

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