Rhodes Business School Admission Requirements 2023-2024

If you’re a Rhodes Business School aspirant looking to grasp the entire Entrance Requirements for 2023, this page will make the application process stress-free and show you the admission courses and requirements that are now offered at Rhodes Business School.

Rhodes Business School Admission Requirements

The requirements for Rhodes Business School entrance in 2023–2024 are shown below. Candidates are recommended to carefully study the application before submitting it.

To be considered for admission to Rhodes Business School, applicants must first meet the requirements listed below.

Rhodes Business School Admission Requirements 2023/2024

Minimum Faculty Requirements:

Subject Required Extended Studies Dean’s Discretion Points
Mathematics 34 – 37 38 – 44 45+
Two languages at level 4 (50 – 59%) Maths or level 4 (50% – 59%) or Maths Lit. level 3 (40-49%) 32 – 39    40+
English Home Language

65% and above


English First Additional Language

70% and above

30 – 34 34 – 44 45+
Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences

65% and above


40 – 44



Mathematics, Physical Science or Life Science  



38 – 44



English Home Language

60% and above


English First Additional Language

70% and above



50% and above


Mathematics Literacy

60% and above

International requirements

An APS score of 40 points and above will receive a firm offer, 37-39 points will remain on hold until the end of September to be considered by the Dean if space is available.  Candidates who offer a combination of Advanced level (A), Advanced Subsidiary level (AS), Ordinary level (O), Higher International General Certificate of Secondary Education (HIGCSE), and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), five (5) different subjects are counted.  The basic minimum requirement for admission to the University is a certificate of Full Exemption or Foreign Conditional Exemption from the Matriculation Board.

Candidates who have completed their A levels are qualified for full exemption provided that their grades in recognized subjects satisfy the following criteria:

A-level:  symbols A-E (minimum of 2 subjects)

AS-level: symbols A-D (4 subjects and 1 at O-level)

O-level:  symbols A-C (maximum of 3 subjects)

At least 2 subjects at A-level and 3 different subjects at O-level or 3 subjects at A-level and 2 at O-level

HIGCSE/IGCSE qualification:

HIGCSE:  symbols 1-3 (4 subjects)

IGCSE:  symbols A-C (1 subject)

International Baccalaureate (B)

3 High-level (HL) subjects:  Grade 4

4 Standard Level (SL) subjects:  Grade 5

Points rating

Symbol/Result/ Grade Points Awarded


HL     SL

 A  1  7  10  9  8 5  10 7
 B  2  6  9  8  7  4  9  6
 C  3  5  8  7 6  3  8  5
 D  4  4  7  6  7  4
 E  3  6 6  3

If you’re applying to pharmacy school, your A Levels or AS Levels must include maths, science, and biology. If you’re applying to a science program, your A Levels, AS Levels, or O Levels should include mathematics, science, and biology.

When applicants submit their applications, five different disciplines—including A and O levels, HIGCSE, and IGCSE—are taken into account. An additional fifth of the total is included in this amount. Only three points are deducted from the final score for Zimsec students.

has at least one subject from each of the following groups:

Group I English
Group II Afrikaans, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Nederlands, Portuguese or

any other language approved by HESA

Group III Biology, Botany, Chemistry, General Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Physics & Chemistry, Zoology, or any of the following if not offered under Group II – Afrikaans, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Nederlands or any other language approved by HESA

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