How To Check Vega School Application Status 2024

Do you want to study at the Vega School?.. did you apply to study at the Vega School in the next academic session??

IF yes, use the link below to check ur admission status.

Vega School Application Status


The Vega School website additionally offers room for aspirants to apply for admission into the Vega School in the next academic year, furthermore, all applicants can also track their application status, via the link below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Choose Admission/Other

Step 3:

Enter username and password then click the Login button

To be able to log in to the Vega School, you need to have registered as an online user and/or received login details from the Vega School. If you have already been allocated a student number and password, then you will need to use these to log in. If you have not been allocated a student number yet, please use the credentials provided to you in the Registration to Online Admissions email that you receive once registered as an online user. If you have not registered for online applications, and you wish to apply to the Vega School, then please click here.

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