Bursaries For Universities In North West

Those who are interested in history, the arts, culture, and nature will find the North Province to be an appealing destination. Two of South Africa’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Taung Skull Fossil Site and the Vredefort Dome, are also located in the province.

Bursaries For Universities In North West

In addition, students travel to the North West to complete their studies at the only university in the region, North West University (NWU). A variety of top-notch academic courses in a number of subjects are available to potential students at NWU.

These programs are designed for those who want to upgrade their skills through quick courses, first-year college students who want to earn their degree, and seasoned academics who want to advance their field with fresh knowledge.

Eight faculties of NWU provide a variety of academic interests. Their faculties include the NWU Business School, the Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Law, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, and Health Sciences.

Many students who want to pursue higher education in South Africa may find it difficult to do so due to the high expenses of the country’s postsecondary institutions.

A list of funding options for students enrolled in their courses has been put up by the NWU. Discounts for students who have siblings enrolled in the institution as well as a number of bursaries are included in these financial options.

These Bursaries Are Available For Colleges In The North West.

Bursary under the National Student Financial Assistance Program (Nsfas)

Nsfas support is available to undergraduate students at NWU. The all-inclusive bursaries provided by Nsfas are designed to cover all study-related expenses, including tuition, registration fees, housing costs, and textbook prices.

Academic Excellence Award at NWU

The NWU Academic Merit bursary is available to full-time undergraduate students who score an average of 75% on their final exams. Students who meet the requirements are given the bursary automatically; they are not required to apply. They’ll have to complete a form for the university.

Bursary for Funza Lushaka

Increased teacher quality in South Africa is the goal of the Funza Lushaka bursary. This scholarship is open to NWU students participating in the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program or the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Leadership bursary

The NWU leadership bursary is open to students who held the position of head boy or head girl of their school in Grade 12. Before submitting an application for the bursary, these students must have been admitted to the university. It is a one-time bursary that is only offered to first-year students.

Funding Bursary

The NWU assistance bursary is open to students who are physically impaired, orphaned, and/or in foster care. Before submitting an application for a scholarship, the student must have been admitted to the university.

You can get the application materials for these scholarships on the NWU bursaries page.

For applicants who have relatives enrolled at NWU, a family discount on tuition is also available. Although this is not a scholarship, families with several pupils enrolled in the university will receive a discount on their students’ tuition expenses.

The third student in a family receives a 20% tuition discount, while the second student in the family receives a 15% discount. 25% of the tuition will be waived for a family’s fourth student.

Visit the Bursaries Portal to learn about the most recent bursaries that are available to students in South Africa if you’re a student looking for financial assistance to pay your tuition.

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